Parkland May Lose CMS Funding Because It Discharged Injured, Suicidal Homeless Man

We now know why Parkland Memorial Hospital is in “immediate jeopardy” of losing nearly half a billion dollars in federal funding. A homeless man who fractured his spine and broke his wrist and feet in a suicide attempt was discharged to a shelter not equipped to care for his severe injuries.

The findings are detailed in a deficiency report filed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The gist of it: Staffers did not perform a psychiatric evaluation despite the fact that he tried to kill himself and acted erratically at the hospital. At one point, the man jumped from the bed onto his broken feet and screamed, “See what you made me do? Are you happy now?” And when the patient said he felt unsafe being discharged, Parkland employees threatened to call hospital police.

D Healthcare Daily has more details about what’s in that report.


  • Steve Bristow

    To wrongly characterize a suicidal man as being “erratic” when he vehemently protests being kicked to the curb and dumped into a homeless shelter in an unsafe manner shows very little class. This is, again, all Parkland’s fault, and there is no blame in the patient’s conduct when he rightfully protested an unsafe discharge.

    There is no excuse for a public county hospital for the uninsured and indigent to call the police to kick out a homeless, severely injured man in a wheelchair, either. It’s a scumbag thing to do.

    Most hospitals keep someone who nearly succeeds in a suicide attempt under observation for at least 48 hours for their own protection. Responsible ones treat them. Parkland has a record of kicking them to the curb within hours of admission. It’s absolutely shameless.

  • bippy izod

    As I understand this is part of the Republican Platform. During the debates when asked what should be done with a dying man in a emergency room who had no insurance. The reply was to let him die and they all applauded and they deserve to give applaud now for sticking to their guns. They are NOT putting their money where their mouth is. If you are going to support it happening then don’t back down. But what about the poor worker who happens to be there moving that patient around? Should they be paid a little something extra for doing the dirty work. This sounds like an issue that can be settled with a couple of dozen Obama bashings or on Obamacare..