Only 19 Percent of Dallas Cops Live in Dallas

Is that a problem?

It's rumored that Chief Wiggum commutes daily from Shelbyville.
It’s rumored that Chief Wiggum commutes daily from Shelbyville.

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site took the recent troubles in Ferguson, Mo., as a reason to look at how often police officers don’t live in the very community they’ve been hired to serve and protect.

Among the nation’s 75 cities with the largest police forces, on average 60 percent of cops live where they work. Laredo, Texas, has the highest percentage, with 94 percent of its officers Laredoans. On the other end of the spectrum, in Miami the number is only 7 percent.

Dallas is down near the bottom of the list, with 19 percent calling the big city home. In some cities there is a disparity between the numbers of white and non-white officers who are also residents, but that doesn’t seem to be a large gap in Dallas, which claims only 21 percent of black officers and 26 percent of Hispanic officers.

By contrast, Fort Worth can boast a higher percentage than Dallas of officers living within its limits, 43 percent, but it comes with a big difference among the races: 64 percent of black officers and 56 percent of Hispanic officers with only 31 percent of white officers.

I wonder what the breakdown would look like among all city employees.

UPDATE: 36 percent of all city employees live in Dallas.


  • Tim Rogers

    I was working on something along these lines awhile back, Jason, and I asked DISD for a breakdown of its employees. As of April, the district had 20,858 employees, 10,066 of whom lived in Dallas. Gives us 48 percent of employees living in Dallas.

    • Los_Politico

      In Dallas or in DISD?

  • D. Shapiro

    Fix the multiple typos.

  • RealTalk

    there’s got to be a way to get the info on city employees

  • Veletta

    In the past the numbers for firemen living in the city were lower than police and for civilian personnel they were much higher. Highest ranking civilian staff must live in the city. In some cities employees are required to live in the city or county where you work. Many years ago police personnel in Texas were successful in getting a state law passed that forbade cities from imposing such restrictions on them.

  • chris

    I bet the percentage is less for the fire dept.

  • Tim Rogers

    Sorry, your question confuses me. 48 percent of DISD employees live in Dallas.

  • CSP

    Tim, what I assume he means is whether those employees live in the City of Dallas or live in the geographic area encompassing the DISD, as one can live outside Dallas and still be in DISD territory, and one can live in Dallas but in another school district.

  • Los_Politico

    Indeed what I mean.