Leading Off (8/6/14)

Lawmakers are making little progress in regulating the fertilizer storage industry following the West explosion. Actually, scratch that. Their going backward.

Dallas Man Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges. For Second Time: Bye, Timothy Rinehart. See you never.

Toll Road Drivers to Get Refund: The North Texas Tollway Authority racked up $171,000 in incorrect charges stemming from a billing error on the new DFW Connector. More than 40,000 drivers were charged for using the road during a supposed free period. The NTTA will return the money.

Fort Worth Child Injured After Firing Gun: The kid is 4. Opposing Second Amendment camps: converge!

Lawmakers Still Skeptical of Fertilizer Regulations: The draft legislation is proposed by state Rep. Joe Pickett, a Democrat from El Paso, and it would create an advisory group to make recommendations to the Texas Department of Insurance. A previous version of the bill laid out specific rules for ammonium nitrate storage, and outlined penalties for facilities in non-compliance. According to the Tribune: “Those proposals drew strong resistance in April from some Republican members of the committee, who worried that new regulations and fines would put too many burdens on small businesses and local fire departments.” Quick idea: maybe you don’t house ammonium nitrate if you can’t properly ensure its safety and the safety of the community around it.