Leading Off (8/4/14)

Steve Blow's Apology, Ebola, Water Rescue and Wendy Davis.

Steve Blow Apologizes to Jim Schutze Six Years Later. Back in 2008, Schutze speculated that there was a connection between John Wiley Price and Ross Perot Jr., that Price was being paid by Perot’s company Hillwood to delay the Dallas inland port project. Blow publicly doubted Schutze, refusing to believe JWP would betray his constituents in that way. But now the indictment shows perhaps Schutze was right all along. Props to Blow for the rare public apology.

Fort Worth Doctor With Ebola Arrives in Atlanta, Improving. This video shows Dr. Kent Brantly walking from an ambulance into Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital over the weekend. Before he was transferred to the States, Brantly received an experimental serum and is now showing signs of improvement.

Bystander Rescues Man, Dog from Car in Pond. A bit light on details here, but apparently the car was traveling south on the President George Bush Turnpike when it drove onto the grassy median and into the water. A stranger jumped in to rescue the man and the dog. The man was transported to Parkland. No word on the dog. Also no word on what else the car, which is badly damaged in this video, hit before landing in the water.

To Stand a Chance, Wendy Davis Needs to Increase Voter Turnout in Dallas. She’ll likely win the county, sure, but to have a chance to beat Greg Abbott in November, she’ll need extremely high voter turnout numbers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. She’s hoping to increase turnout by at least 5 percent, quite the task for a midterm election.


  • Jackson

    Steve Blow writes that Ross Perot, Jr. is “one of the most respected business names in town.” He adds that he “couldn’t imagine” Perot hindering a project so important to Dallas” because “Ross Perot Sr. had made his family synonymous with high principles.” Let us pause to ponder such hagiography.

    First, Ross, Jr. Other than Alliance Airport (which isn’t even in Dallas and for which Ross Sr. actually bought the initial land), Jr. gave us the downtown disaster that is Victory Park. This 75 acres surrounding the American Airlines Center, $1.5 billion worth of offices, shops, restaurants and the W Hotel, went south immediately after completion in ‘06, done in by lousy planning and the economic downturn. Ultimately, Perot’s Hillwood bailed and lost about $60 million. Few in real estate consider Ross, Jr. to be “one of the most respected business names in town.”

    Now to the old man. We should ask George W. Bush and his father Poppy about Ross, Sr. (don’t ask Barbara; she’ll probably cuss like a sailor). This little guy got into the ’92 presidential race out of personal spite toward Poppy that developed when he was Reagan’s VP. Indeed, on the eve of the ’94 Texas governor’s race, Sr. endorsed the re-election of Ann Richards only because a Bush was challenging her. She lost, anyway. His EDS wealth was built almost exclusively off of government contracts, meaning taxpayer dollars. I carry no brief against a smart business model, but a “family synonymous with high principles?”

    I’m coloring you clueless, Steve Blow.