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Leading Off (8/4/14)

Steve Blow's Apology, Ebola, Water Rescue and Wendy Davis.
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Steve Blow Apologizes to Jim Schutze Six Years Later. Back in 2008, Schutze speculated that there was a connection between John Wiley Price and Ross Perot Jr., that Price was being paid by Perot’s company Hillwood to delay the Dallas inland port project. Blow publicly doubted Schutze, refusing to believe JWP would betray his constituents in that way. But now the indictment shows perhaps Schutze was right all along. Props to Blow for the rare public apology.

Fort Worth Doctor With Ebola Arrives in Atlanta, Improving. This video shows Dr. Kent Brantly walking from an ambulance into Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital over the weekend. Before he was transferred to the States, Brantly received an experimental serum and is now showing signs of improvement.

Bystander Rescues Man, Dog from Car in Pond. A bit light on details here, but apparently the car was traveling south on the President George Bush Turnpike when it drove onto the grassy median and into the water. A stranger jumped in to rescue the man and the dog. The man was transported to Parkland. No word on the dog. Also no word on what else the car, which is badly damaged in this video, hit before landing in the water.

To Stand a Chance, Wendy Davis Needs to Increase Voter Turnout in Dallas. She’ll likely win the county, sure, but to have a chance to beat Greg Abbott in November, she’ll need extremely high voter turnout numbers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. She’s hoping to increase turnout by at least 5 percent, quite the task for a midterm election.

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Here is Ken Paxton’s Mugshot

Not sure why he didn't have to wear the towel over his clothes. Thought that was standard. But I'm not gonna complain. As for that lopsided smile, very strong move. Says "OK OK I'll go along with this, but I just want y'all to know you're full of it." Although with his eye situation, it kind of looks like one side of his head is made of metal and either someone turned on a giant electromagnet right before this was snapped, or else Magneto is nearby and is tying up loose ends perhaps. Would he need to work with a state attorney general? I don't know. The X-Men continuity is honestly pretty confusing, and I'm not even sure the movies add up. Anyway.
Politics & Government

Rep. Jonathan Stickland Continues Run of Buffoonery

Jonathan Stickland (R-You Kidding) keeps making Bedford proud during this Lege session, coming off as the husky human embodiment of both the red 100 emoji and the #TCOT hashtag. Previously, he was putting up a sign referring to himself as a "Former Fetus." Which, if you look like a baby that has somehow gone through puberty, is a bad idea. It's like pulling the goalie in hockey. Aggressive, and leaves you open to being EASILY scored upon. Now my dude is filing insane, pointless, time-wasting legislation. Like so. Keep being you, champ.