Leading Off (8/25/14)

School starts today! Remember: school zones also start today.

School Starts Today: This is your annual reminder that school zones (and their expensive tickets) also restart today. And after last year’s troubles with third-party student transportation companies, Dallas ISD has 180 mini buses on the road. They’re blue, and look like hotel shuttles. You should not pass them. (See above warning.)

McKinney Avenue Trolley Extension Delayed Again: If you’ve ever been to our office downtown, you know it sits at the foot of the McKinney Avenue Trolley line. Well, former foot. The line extension now pushes it down St. Paul, near the DART line. Anyway, the construction’s been a mess for a couple of years now. And it seems like we’ll all have to wait until December for it to all clear up.

John Wiley Price Trial Delayed: Until September 2015. But nobody actually expects it to even start by then, right? Standing bet: $100 down, it doesn’t start until January 2016.

Cocaine Found in Tamales: This was in Houston, but how could you not click on that story?