Leading Off (8/21/14)

Fort Worth Doctor Who Contracted Ebola Virus Leaving Atlanta Hospital Today. I doubt anyone expected Dr. Kent Brantly’s story to go this way when he came down with the virus while working at a missionary clinic in Liberia. He’s leaving for some R&R with his family at an undisclosed location, which I’m sure will have Alex Jones or someone spinning a doomsday conspiracy.

Jury Deliberations Begin in Hit-and-Run Teacher Case. Whether or not the jury finds former Grand Prairie teacher Tammy Lowe guilty of manslaughter (she’s already pled guilty to failing to stop and render aid) in the death of 6-year-old John Raidy, she’s probably got a pretty unhappy life ahead of her.

Local Protesters March For Michael Brown in Downtown Dallas. A couple hundred people marched down Main Street and gathered at Main Street Garden chanting for justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, almost two weeks ago. Also, the quote in that link should read “I feel like what went on in Ferguson with Mike Brown is a travesty [italics mine],” said Jonathan Copeland — not “tragedy,” as it currently says. Slight but important difference.

Dallas Cowboys Now Worth $3.2 Billion. So good luck getting Jerry Jones to do anything anyone wants.