Leading Off (8/19/14)

Body Found Hanging From Tree in Northwest Dallas. It is horrible to have to hope that suicide is the explanation. Any other story about this situation would be hard to handle.

Frisco Considers Changing Alcohol Law. My apologies. I live in Dallas. When I head to Frisco, it is usually to catch an FC Dallas match. So I had no idea that the city cuts off alcohol sales at midnight on weeknights. Now the city is considering changing that law. Why? Because the Cowboys will soon open their training facility there, which means that Jerry will be bending his elbow in Frisco. Just think how much more money the town will make with two additional hours to sell booze to him.

Susan Hawk Goes on the Offensive. The Republican challenger facing DA Craig Watkins in the November election was recently handed a gift: news that Watkins was involved in a car crash and used forfeiture funds to clean up the mess in a sketchy way. She’s making hay. (And a DMN editorial calls for an outside investigation of the matter.)

State Fair Aims To Kill Visitors By Feeding Them Insane Food. The Fair announced its eight finalists for the Big Tex Choice Awards. Are you ready to wash down fried Sriracha balls with funnel cake beer?