Leading Off (8/18/14)

Indictments! And public transit to DFW!

Governor Perry Indicted. A Travis County grand jury indicted Rick Perry on two felony charges, abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant, late Friday. He vetoed $7.5 million in funds to the Public Integrity Unit after its leader, a prominent county Democrat, refused to resign after her arrest for drunk driving. Perry has a summons to appear, and may do so as early as today.

Two Killed in South Dallas. One other person was injured, in a shooting spree that happened very early this morning along Ledbetter Road. Police are searching for suspects.

Dallas Theater Center Does a Very Nice Thing. An Alaskan teenager sent the DTC a letter, thanking them for their modernized interpretation of Les Miserables. She hadn’t actually seen the show, of course, but she’d read about it and looked at pictures and watched a few short clips. She asked if there was a chance they’d videotape the whole thing, and the theater (along with the Fairmont Hotel) responded by bringing her to Dallas for closing night, which was Sunday. It was super sweet.

DART to DFW Starts Today. That’s the good news. The bad news: no express trains.



  • Poetic Mess


    It’s all over the Facebook. The media is On. It.
    Rick’s been indicted! He might be deemed unfit
    For two oh one six, his second Presidential run.
    Get chairs, and popcorn! This could be fun!

    What’s that? It’s about funding? How very droll.
    A fight with a woman? A struggle to control?
    Excuse me for thinking, “What’s the big deal?”
    Business as usual, welcome to the worm wheel.

    For true power, in politics, requires forceful torque –
    Survivors of A-town should bring more than a fork.
    And if you’re a woman in this cultural phallocracy,
    Disagreement will result in a charge of inadequacy.

    This kind of bitch-slap is how the game’s played
    In this Great State (right after they’ve prayed).
    But hey! This is Texas! And with the right judge,
    Rick’ll get off, not guilty, with a wink and a nudge.

    Modern ocular Poindexter, a benighted bel esprit.
    Get the bible and gun – this is great press, he’d agree.
    So belly up to the BBQ, ya’ll here from the East,
    The charred odor you smell is the flesh of the Beast.