Leading Off (8/5/14)

One day from hump day!

Select Sports Are Expensive. Man, I could go on a 1,000-word rant about the select-sport-military-industrial-complex that we’ve got going on in our country and especially in North Texas. So I’m happy that the DMN is writing about it. And I’m happy that my sophomore has decided that he’ll try out for soccer this year. You know. Just because. Basketball was fun for a time. Now he wants to try something different. Because that’s what kids should be allowed to do.

DISD Home-Rule Measure Won’t Appear on November Ballot. Yesterday the home-rule commission made what sounds like a smart decision. They won’t rush their job just so voters can have their say in November. Next steps: a series of community meetings.

Mysterious Companies in Price Indictment Revealed. The federal indictment of John Wiley Price mentions an alphabet soup of companies that ALLEGEDLY funneled money to the commissioner — Company H, Company A, and so forth. Channel 11 unraveled some of the secrecy on July 28. Today the DMN finishes the job.

Tolled Highways Screw People, Unless People Pay Attention. The DFW Connector and TxDOT hit 41,000 people with bills for driving on the road during a period that was marketed as being free. Roads! We need so many more of them!

Triple Murder Suspect Is a Poet, Student. Not really sure why this WFAA story call him a “gifted poet,” but the guy confessed. If convicted, he’ll have plenty of time to work on his craft.


  • cgha

    Its august 5th

  • Ed.

    Edit: Add “word” after “1,000”

  • Tim Rogers

    Good grief. Thank you, cgha and Ed. I don’t know what to tell you. I wrote half this post after 11 o’clock last night, was I was watching “Street Outlaws” on the Discovery Channel (don’t judge me). The other half I wrote at 6:30, when I awoke. Perhaps that explains it. Not the best conditions for typing. Thanks for your help.