Dallas Chop House Caught Fire Today

Not good.

fire broke out about an hour ago at Dallas Chophouse and has been extinguished, it appears. The aptly named Foodsparks has some pics of the scene on her Instagram feed. Looks like Chop House figured out a way to avoid Restaurant Week. (Note: the preceding joke was stolen from alert FrontBurnervian K.M., and it will be withdrawn if we learn that anyone was hurt in this blaze.)


  • Desiree

    Tastefully done. Props.

  • DallasChopHouse

    No need to withdraw, everyone made it out safely! However, we are pretty upset about Restaurant Week. We’ll be closed tonight and will be calling everyone with reservations as we have updates. If you had plans to visit us, we definitely recommend Wild Salsa or Dallas Fish Market, both within walking distance.

  • Texan

    Maybe cleaning the vent hoods regularly would help?