Brendan Higgins Fired From Channel 11

Colorado is a dangerous place.


Word comes that CBS Channel 11 has fired its morning anchor for his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night in Aspen. Gotta say, though, not a bad mugshot.

Update (4:32) Here is the official statement from Higgins.

If my email inbox is any indication, many of you are wondering about a recent incident in Aspen, Colo., that resulted in my arrest. Sorry it took so long to issue a post as I’ve been dealing with the related matters.  First, I need to apologize for the negative attention this incident has brought to my wife and our family, our friends and the many wonderful people I’ve worked with over the years. I’m also sorry to the authorities in Aspen, who do a great job every day. I simply put myself and others in a bad situation, which will not happen again. My plan is to answer the legal charges against me. Thanks to all of you who have sent your support.


  • TheGuy

    Wow! So much for the theory that smiling always makes for a better mug shot.

    • Jenna Alexander

      Wow. What a hater you are.

  • Nxt Blk Geniuses

    Rock On Brother….Time to open another door..!!!

  • Christine Allison

    There but for the grace. Brendan is – also – a good good soul. I wish him well.

  • Txs Annie

    Too bad… not surprising.. but still too bad! He has a big personality & when he was on top of his game he was great. Unfortunately, he started acting like he was better then everyone else. He started coming off as self involved and full of himself. Good thing he married rich!


    We can say for sure that he cleans up well… Wow, what a difference makeup and good lighting does.

  • Ramsey Koschak

    No telling how many times I would have been fired if my transgressions made the front page. Since I am not a celebrity, nobody cares about my rough nights. Channel 11 went a little overboard in my opinion. Maybe a suspension would have been more appropriate.

  • TXGirl

    This mug shot 100% captures Brendan’s personality in all its glory.

  • Craig McCabe

    Very nice that he takes responsibility and apologizes for his actions.

  • Jenna Alexander

    Excuse me?

  • Cbr

    She said “good thing he married rich.”

  • RickT

    Calling someone a hater when your husband told police officers he was going to beat them to death… that’s rich. Oh wait, so are you! You are very supportive, in a Hillary Clinton, Silda Spitzer, Huma Wiener kind of way. Don’t worry I’m sure an anchor job in Brownsville will open up

  • Cbr

    She said “good thing he married rich.”

  • BillySween

    I wonder if he read on the teleprompter “Good Morning Aspen, I just f***** myself”

  • ShinPenny

    Speaking of giggling, I’m sure the fine people over at NBC 5 got a few giggles when they read this… they have seen this movie before

  • Elle

    Not funny for a grown man but can’t help but laugh. Aspen police have seen this and much worse drunk entitled full of themselves egos on display. Appears he sobered up and took the consequences. We have all done stupid things especially inebriated. Low point for sure- glad he wasn’t driving….more glad he wasn’t in St. Louis, MO. Much bigger things going on in the world to be concerned about than a narcissistic news guy making an idiot of himself in Aspen. But please tell me he was just play/goof biting the med tech stitching up his nose!!? Weirdo!! Seriously do hope his kids don’t think their Dad is cool or
    funny for this… We don’t need anymore little J Beibers in the world! Best of luck BH in your recovery!

  • Ivan Chichenko

    He’s a talented guy and will be doing something in indy film while this all blows over. I hate to miss him in the mornings, but every now and then you get a bump to push you where you ought to be anyway. I bet he is glad he doesn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn right now!

  • Just saying

    If he were black… The police would have SHOT him.. No Doubt!

  • Annie Gomez

    This guy is the Meanest guy i ever seen in my life. He acts like he is rich he treats people with no respect. He is ugly inside and out side. 2 face all the time. I feel sorry for him.

    • Cart

      You are right. A while back he made a derogatory remark on the news about Tibow being a Christian. I emailed him and disagreed with his comment. He actually replied to me indicating he can say whatever he wants….like it or not. Very arrogant reply. I stopped watching channel 11 news at that time. I could not stand to look at him. Glad he got fired. But feel bad for his family.

  • Jenna Alexander

    One more time? I didn’t get that

  • Deb

    I really enjoyed the chemistry on the morning news….back to Fox I guess

  • Jack Jett

    I am in NW Dallas and I understood Txs Annie to say……

    Too bad… not surprising.. but still too bad! He has a big personality & when he was on top of his game he was great. Unfortunately, he started acting like he was better then everyone else. He started coming off as self involved and full of himself. Good thing he married rich!

    I am not sure you are aware of this, it took me a while to figure it out. You can just scroll back up and re-read the comment. Frontburner gives good free read.

  • Frank W

    I think what the reader is trying to say is that it is a good thing the guy married a rich woman (this means a woman who is wealthy, has lots of money, etc) since he got into a fight, attacked policemen, was arrested, was fired and now faces legal issues while unemployed. It would probably be better to face this situation having married rich than to have not married rich

  • Cindy Reese

    I’m guessing he will not be staying at the Little Nell when he returns to Aspen to face charges. What hotel up there is going to welcome this guy?

  • Cbr

    She said “good thing he married rich.”

  • Alice

    I love the wife’s posts on here… she makes me giggle. I hope she does not wear a cop outfit for Halloween this year. Ouch!!

  • Shane

    You guys are much better at reporting significant firings at media companies other than your own. RIP Cristina.

  • AliceinWonderland

    The oh so entertaining police report said the Higgins court appearance is today, 9/10. Will there be any local reporting or updates? Yeah I know, but it’s like when you drive by a bad car crash, you know you should not look but you just can’t help it!

  • Pat Patrick

    enjoying that cruise on the river of denial

  • Swt

    Issue fb someone uses my relatives to get information to cause theft to them. Have posted to accept as a friend, then find out there location once I accept as a friend. That person committed a crime! Something need to be done!!

  • sgh49ers

    I’m slow as to what happens on Channel 11, because I stopped watching the minute they hired this jerk! Maybe now, I can switch back to them in the mornings since Karen Borta is changing shifts to the mornings! Good Riddance Brendan!!

  • Rob Hannon

    Alright! Alright Alright!
    Let’s go Brendan!
    It’s about that time!!!