Brendan Higgins Arrested in Aspen

Let's be careful out there.

Brendan Higgins and wife Jenna
Brendan Higgins and wife Jenna

On Friday, Uncle Barky broke the news that Channel 11 morning anchor Brendan Higgins has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following an August 6 incident in Aspen, Colorado. The highlight from the police report:

“Informed he was being placed under arrest before being handcuffed, Higgins then began cursing officers, according to the reports. Officer Greggory Cole said in his report that Higgins “became angry and began calling Officer (Jeff) Fain and I names. Higgins said, ‘You f***ing pieces of shit’ and ‘I’m going to beat you until you’re dead.’ Higgins then attempted to strike me using a swiping motion with his hands. I pushed Higgins towards the elevator doors, which he was standing a few inches from. Higgins hit the elevator with his head and then pretended to pass out and slumped to the floor. I could tell that Higgins had not actually passed out because he was giggling.”

It’s unclear to me whether the cops or Uncle Barky employed the asterisks.

Higgins’ wife, Jenna, was with him at the time. Which brings to mind the time a few years back that Jenna’s sister, Amy, had a rough night in Aspen. Must be the altitude.


  • Bill Marvel

    It IS the altitude. Drinking at 8,000 feet is not for lowlanders.

    • Borborygmus

      Yes. One should not get so high and drink.

  • RAB

    It was performance art. Regrettably, he broke character when he giggled.

  • Jeff Spiccolli

    It was something green and skunky. Unleashing the Texans on Colorado this year was dangerous. “Watch THIS, y’all.”


    Or else, you are a drunk jerk, yikes!

  • RAB

    Oof! I just read Uncle Barky’s post. Higgins’ behavior was much more embarrassing (and inexcusable) than Tim’s snippet would suggest. I’m sure Channel 11 is not thrilled.

    • Jenna Alexander

      RAB- I’m sure you have a night you regret.
      How about reading need that matters and not

  • tested

    It is sad to see someone’s career gone in a flash like that. He gave CBS 11 some stability and talent on their long-suffering morning show. One bad decision and it is all gone. Sad. (Yes, i realize he hasnt been fired yet…but that is usually the outcone of events like this) Not a time for snarky comments.

  • Borborygmus

    Let’s look at the positives. He did not get behind the wheel of a car (thank you, thank you, thank you). He has powerful friends, and Aspen is a laid back kind of town, this will probably be bumped down to a misdemeanor, if that. And finally, Dale Hansen is still on the air, proof that this kind of behavior is not necessarily career ending if you have a good audience base.

  • sjwside

    Kind of pathetic — nothing more unattractive than a man that can’t hold is alcohol. This would be somewhat excusable if he were in his 20s — however he’s not. Wasn’t Jane McGarry canned for not being able to control her alcohol as well (DWI)?

  • Jenna Alexander

    We have all had a night we regret it want to take back. The difference is Brendan Higgins is under a microscope in the public eye. I think DFW has much better news to report on then gossip regarding one of it’s most beloved television anchors!

    • DelkusSleeves

      when you are a public figure, its unfortunate but your night of regret tends to have many more consequences than the general public

  • sjwside

    Oh puhlease! Most beloved??? Are you serious? When you’re in the public eye, you have to behave like a man. You represent the station you work for — therefore there is little room for douchebaggery. I’m sure he has no problem with the perks that come along with the being in the public eye, he needs to take the responsibility of what’s expected of him as well. You’d do him a favor by not posting messages like this that play him as a victim.. How about posting “what Brendan did was a mistake and he’s truly embarrassed by his behavior”. Yes, we all make mistakes and most of us pay the price for it. I believe he will too — especially if he feels he’s a victim.

    • Jenna Alexander

      Easy killer. I’m his wife and I was there.

    • Jenna Alexander

      Is douchebaggery a word? #lol

    • Jenna Alexander

      You clearly have some deep rooted anger
      issues. Let it go girl or guy!

  • Kate Rose Marquez

    Amen, Jenna, amen. John 8:7

  • DelkusSleeves

    what is gossip, I can assure the police report is not gossip

  • DelkusSleeves

    so no one should have reported that a local news anchor got drunk and disorderly with cops?

  • Rush

    Why was he arrested in the first place?

  • Jon Whitaker

    I was talking about the commenters that overreact to everything. I wasn’t there, you weren’t there. Let the court and his employer deal with it.

    I don’t have a problem with it being reported.

  • CDBC

    Wow… Interesting comments on here. “Everyone has had a bad night” and “don’t judge”? A bad night is a really bad hangover and a funny story for friends. Punching a man in the face, taking a swing at a police officer, telling the police you are going to “beat them to death” and trying to bite a paramedic who is tending to you is not just a “bad night”. Those are criminal acts and horrid behavior. I’m sure Mr Higgins will find that out when he has to appear in court. I’m sorry that his wife believes that because he is on television that he is above the law. I’m glad they don’t think so in Aspen, CO

    • PR Dude

      Brad Hawkins also a bad night. So did Jane McGary. BUT… Like they’re in the appearance business. They are the public face of their companies regardless of whether they are good people or not.

      Jenna, I applaud you for defending your husband, but your comments and the tone are elongating the comments and conversation.

    • Allyson Aynesworth

      you are assuming that what you have read is an accurate portrayal of what actually happened… and whatever happened to ‘alleged’ or innocent until proven guilty? although a dallas girl, born and bred, i have spent a fair amount of my life in colorado — indeed, have been there for this entire month of august mere miles from this said incident occurred — and i can honestly say that pitkin county law enforcement is awesome… until they aren’t. much of the time they get it right, but when they don’t, they have a record of screwing up royally… i have seen it first hand (as have MANY others). they must have pretty great insurance!

      when something occurs (that, candidly, could have been any of us… just fill a different name in the blank), how about waiting until all the facts are out and we know the truth before placing judgment? better yet… rather than judging at all, how about showing a modicum of grace and looking to all the good a person has contributed (and will continue) to our community and get, at a very deep level, that we are ALL human. we mess us. don’t we live in the flippin’ bible belt? WWJD. enough said.

    • wondering

      Good thing he wasn’t black, the outcome could have been drastically different.

  • Jenna Alexander

    Stop it you impersonator! #lol

  • Jenna Alexander

    That’s not Pete Delkus FYI

  • Jen Morgan

    I’m not angry at him, or you. But seriously, he blew it. Sad. I liked his on air presence. I thought he’d have another 10 years on the local news. But you just don’t go getting shit faced drunk and hit people, no matter what family you married into. Jenna, lay low. Your comments are just going to give someone something more to talk about. Save it for the judge.

  • Avid Reader

    That’s just silly, of course it’s Pete Delkus.

  • Richard

    No, Allyson, that couldn’t have been “any of us,” because most of us are not public figures like Brendan. Or on TV. Or have a wife from a noteworthy Dallas family. But you already know this b/c of your time working with the media.

  • Brandon Snook

    WWJD? If Jesus had been a journalist in Dallas, like your dad, he probably would have reported on the arrest of Brendan Higgins.

  • El Indio

    And after that Jesus would have sold his soul to the CIA.

  • Customwebsite

    WWJD? Probably not call you a piece of shit or threaten to beat you until your dead. Doubt seriously this was his first “one bad night.”

  • UTGirl

    I hope they have Dr Pepper in the Pitkin County Jail. Yum!

  • JewlHeart

    Good grief girl… It would have been easier to take pity on the wife of this
    “man”, but there is a fine line between “supportive” and “battered”. You
    might want to hand over your computer to friends or family for a little while.
    Best of luck

  • Don Newby

    Why? Channel 11 it is none of your business. The man was enjoying himself and giggling about it. When he came back on air he might have increased your ratings.

    • Frank W

      Is that how you enjoy yourself, drunken brawls and attacking police officers? I’m pretty sure it is any employer’s business when their employee is arrested and charged under these circumstances

  • dudleydude

    I guess this is what to expect when you marry a douche bag. Does that make you a douche baguette?

  • Cart

    I’m not even on TV. But my employer would have still fired me for lesser public activities.