Behind the Scenes of the Dallas 40 Cover Shoot

It was an ambitious effort to celebrate D Magazine's anniversary.

The September issue of D, celebrating the magazine’s 40th anniversary, should be on a newsstand near you soon, if it isn’t already. The centerpiece of our celebration comprises 40 stories about 40+ people who represent some aspect of how Dallas has transformed in the last 40 years, or who epitomize some aspect of what Dallas is today. Those stories are truly brought to life by the astonishing portraits taken by our own Elizabeth Lavin.

Hear her and our creative director Todd Johnson talk about what made this project so challenging, and why we were motivated to do something special to mark our company’s birthday, in this video about the cover shoot. (And thanks to Robbie Curtis for producing this and the other video clips in our Dallas 40 online package.) Enjoy.


  • HLM

    I am surprised that Ray Hunt and Harlan Crow (alone) were not on this Vanity Fair looking cover.

  • J Jones

    Why wasn’t Gordon Keith included? I’m not trying to be funny. He’s one of the more interesting people in Dallas.

    • Tim Rogers

      Good question. It’s not a collection of interesting people. It’s a collection of people who either represent how Dallas has changed over the last 40 years or who actually helped bring about that change. Gordon does fit that description.

  • Sam Santiago

    Congratulations. Lynn McBee!