Arlington is the 6th-Most Conservative City in the U.S.

Dallas leans more to the liberal side.

The Economist today published a chart ranking the relative conservatism vs. liberalism of American cities with a population greater than 250,000. Mesa, Arizona, is the country’s most conservative, while San Francisco is the most liberal.

Arlington, Texas, is the sixth-most conservative. Fort Worth is 12th-most. Meanwhile, Dallas is a relative bastion of godless hedonism, falling (like most of the cities on the list) to the more liberal end of the scale. I’m not sure why Plano, which also has a population greater than 250K, isn’t represented on the chart. Maybe they were going by 2000 Census numbers.

Their data are based on an article in this month’s American Political Science Review, though I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that.


  • Dave

    Perhaps they’ve edited/corrected the article but a minimum population of 275,000 was the cutoff for this study. According to Wikipedia Plano had a population of 272,068 as of 2012.

    • Jason Heid

      The top of the chart says “Cities of over 250,000 people.” The sentence you’re referring to in the article reads, “They brought together seven large-scale surveys that accounted for more than 275,000 people.”

      Maybe they didn’t write what they meant to with that sentence, left some words out or whatever, but it reads that the seven surveys that were used account for more than 275,000 total people surveyed. So 275K was the size of their sample, not the cutoff for the city size.

  • Dave

    Ah, okay. It does sound like the sample size was 275,000. Then I have no idea why Plano isn’t included, unless as you suggested it was based upon the 2000 Census.