Another Drone’s-Eye View of Dallas

The city looks pretty from above.

A video production company passes along this video they made, presumably to show off their drone-flying skills.

Yeah, kinda gets you excited about living in Dallas.


  • Tim Rogers

    There’s only one problem with this video: those guys DESTROYED the FAA’s 400-foot ceiling for drone flights. For perspective, Reunion Tower is 561 feet. And Bank of America Tower is 921. So they were up around 1,000 feet quite a bit. More info:

  • Team AG

    Would’ve been cooler if these were armed with Hellfire missiles.

  • Brandon Snook

    I keep hoping I’ll see a Dallas drone video that flies through the hole at the top of Chase Bank Tower.

    • StationaryPanda

      This is the only drone video I would watch. Please post it when it happens.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    We need more human units.

  • StationaryPanda

    Would we be watching this if the drone had taken down a commercial jetliner?

  • Tammi Montgomery

    Amazing view of the city! Thanks for your efforts:)

  • Adri A.

    Awesome…I think one of the “iconic” things they missed was AAC & Victory Plaza…could have done without AT&T stadium, as that is technically Arlington…but still is exciting to see those views of the city!

  • Travel Drone

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  • Travel Drone

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  • Sam Stanton

    Nice video! Check out a 3-Axis gimbal and see if that smooths out your shots. Here’s an example of what that will do!

  • Adriana Kelley

    omg i live in the bryan area! and i looooooove it! I would not move any where else! It’s walking distance to everrrrrrrything!!! LOVE DALLAS and what is going to become!!!

  • Paul

    They will be getting a phone call from the faa, I guarantee. Others have posted similar videos and have gotten in trouble. Good luck.

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