When Will Someone Put Tim Rogers In His Place?

(Photo by Elizabeth Lavin)
(Photo by Elizabeth Lavin)
Look at this smug jerk. Who is typing this sentence and has had about enough of him? Me, that’s who. I’m sure you agree. So many reasons. Here are just a few.

1) He dresses like this every single day. Sunglasses, too. Even if he wasn’t wearing them, he refuses to look anyone in the eye.
2) He’s too good to actually read our blog. Pretty proud of it, really.
3) I can put it in no plainer terms: Tim Rogers of D Magazine hates our troops.

So, when is someone going to come along and put him in his place? I’m sorry I had to air our private business on the blog, but he forced my hand.


  • Tim Rogers

    This mean that you, too, are going to stop shaking my hand?


    • Zac Crain


  • sooieeehog

    What an asshole.

  • RAB

    What’s was the thinking behind him being photographed in his cheap rental prom tux? To show that he can still fit in it? The way it’s bunched up around his shoulders looks like it was tailored by the same old lady that pinned it up back when he first wore it in high school — but now she’s blind an arthritic. (There must be some kind of inside joke here that the rest of us aren’t in on.)

    • Tim Rogers

      Who gets hit with the billable hours that you spend (expertly) trolling me?

  • Amy Severson

    Let’s look at his positives. There’s his wife for one, kids, two. Anyone care to share number three?

    • Amy Severson


    • Tim Rogers

      I’ve got a decent long-range jumper and a pretty kickass dog. Those count?

    • David Burrows

      He has a Prius with which he can park very close to most any Whole Foods.

  • Amy Severson

    I, for one, enjoy your sense of humour, Sir.

  • Bill Marvel

    Be suspicious of writers who dress that well. (Except Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe)

  • Bippy Izod

    He has spent years developing this persona only to wake up at the age of 63 to find that he is the one who left his cake out in the rain.