Top Recruit Emmanuel Mudiay Not Coming to SMU After All

Emmanuel Mudiay, who played at the embattled Prime Prep Academy (now its official name), was going to be the player that propelled SMU from on-the-rise program to legit national title contenders. OK, maybe that’s dreaming big. But that certainly was on the table, or at least near it. Not gonna happen now, since Mudiay has decided to skip college and play ball overseas. His statement:


  • Chris

    in other words, his grades or tests scores sucked.

  • rjd

    Dang, was totally gonna catch a few SMU games this season specifically because of him (he’s the number 1 or 2 prospect in next year’s draft class). Surprised more guys don’t go overseas straight out of high school, though; get paid, live in Europe for a year, and play in leagues that are mostly more competitive than the NCAA.

  • gimmethewooby

    Brett Shipp alert! Another expose/confrontation with Prime Prep is ready to shoot.