Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 16

A humble invitation to our "Best of Big D" Live party.

Sam Lao in live performance, June 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.
Sam Lao in live performance, June 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.

Hello, Dallas. I’m going to abuse this platform a little bit today, by humbly asking you to join us at our “Best of Big D” Live event tonight. It takes place at the Rustic, in Uptown, and features a great lineup that opens with DJ Sober and Sam Lao, the latter of whom must be experienced in person in order to truly understand the kind of talent that resides in our sprawling metropolis. Jackopierce will close out the night for those who purchase a premium ticket, and that should bring back either some nice memories from your heady SMU party days, or maybe some equally unforgettable but less pleasant evenings for others. That’s the beauty of music. The same exact art can possess so many different meanings from one person to the next. There will also be a wide variety of food and drink options, all included in the ticket price.

Ahead of our big party, there is time to catch multiple screenings at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, which begins at 1:45 pm with a showing of Go, Stop, Murder, followed by a series of experimental shorts that range anywhere from one to 16 minutes.

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