Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 10

Sober celebrates a year in the Travis Basement; Heroes opens at Stage West; Is Les Mis really a musical?

Nina Sky. Promotional image.
Nina Sky. Promotional image.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but DJ Sober will be celebrating his first anniversary as the Thursday night resident DJ at the Travis basement this evening, where he planted a new flag after leaving his comfortable weekly at Beauty Bar. He’ll be joined, of course, by his ever-busy partner, Picnictyme, who has a new album coming out soon, and you can find more about that on FrontRow. There will also be a guest appearance by a national act this evening, Queens N.Y.-resident Nicole, a DJ and singer who plays in the R&B duo, Nina Sky. Sober will also be playing our “Best Of Big D” party on July 23rd, and you can get tickets by going here. Things kick off at 10:30 pm on Travis Street tonight.

Out in Fort Worth this evening, Stage West will begin its run of the production, Heroes, that’s the award-winning novel that none other than Tom Stoppard translated from French-to-English. Just based on venue and translator alone, we have high hopes for this particular show.

Finally, Les Misérables is now a week into its extensive run at the Wyly, and I was corrected by a huge fan of the production earlier this week on a visit to Chicago. I called it a “musical,” and she quickly countered that it is technically an “opera.” What do you think, Les Mis experts?

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  • Bobtex

    If Les Miserables were an opera, it would be performed by an opera company in an opera house. Since it was performed by a theater company in a theater house, it’s a musical theater work. Those are the rules.