Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 1

Almost everyone is having a World Cup party today, but don't overlook these spots that are opening unusually early for the event.

Anvil Pub. Photo by Bud Force, for D Magazine.
Anvil Pub. Photo by Bud Force, for D Magazine.

Today’s list of recommendations could simply be called “Places to Watch the World Cup,” but SideDish has already handled that, twice. I’ll do my best to pick spots that haven’t already been mentioned. As you may have heard, the USA is playing Belgium at 3 pm our time today, however, some places are opening unusually early so you’ll be prepared by game time.

The Granada Theater will have the action on three enormous screens and will serve food as well. The event is free and doors will open at 2 pm.

The Twilite Lounge will also be open at the abnormally early hour of 2 pm, and that seems like a less-rowdy alternative to some of the Irish-theme bars, where they have a constable walking the grounds to make sure the crowd is under control. That may add a little bit more excitement, but maybe you aren’t quite ready for that while ducking out during a work day.

The Anvil Pub will open at 3 pm today, just in time for the game. They will have food, including the recent addition of fish & chips. The Anvil also has an extensive selection of vegan dishes, which is not common for bars, and certainly not bars in Deep Ellum.

The Libertine opens at 2 pm today. Have a Last Word for your late lunch, since I’m pretty sure it’s the only place you can get one on Greenville Ave. I had one there just last night, and was reminded at how well they serve the prohibition-era cocktail.

Finally, the somewhat underrated Meridian Room will be open early for the game today.

There you have it. While it will probably be a blast to share in the communal bliss that will be the scene down at Victory Park’s watching party, it’s nice to know that some of our favorite darkly-lit spots will provide a nicely contrasting alternative to all of that sunshine and joy.


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