Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 7

A trio of weeklies to help you ease back into post-holiday work life.

The Double Wide. Credit: Sean McGinty, for D Magazine.
The Double Wide. Credit: Sean McGinty, for D Magazine.

The July 4th weekend is one of the tougher holidays from which to recover in my experience. It’s the middle of the summer and getting back to work can be daunting. Here are a few options to help make the transition back to responsible adult life slightly more bearable.

The Amsterdam will have its have its Monday jazz night, as always. The advantage this particular event has over other jazz shows in town, is that it’s a little more uptempo and never too slow or gloomy. I definitely admire torch singers and the like for being the latter, but you need a kick at the beginning of the week.

Amy Gee will be the guest DJ at Double Wide’s “Vinyl Tap” event this evening. She often plays a lot of oldies and classic rock, but will throw in the occasional “dream pop” song as well. She has one of the more delightful under-the-radar sets in Dallas.

The always reliable “Cool Out” will be held at Crown and Harp, and that’s probably your best bet to recreate any lingering memories of the great party you threw over the weekend. Or maybe it was terrible. Either way, drink up.

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