Things To Do In Dallas Today: July 29

Tori Amos is at the Winspear; a reminder to see the less-heralded work of much-celebrated artists at the DMA.

Tori Amos. Courtesy of AT&T PAC.
Tori Amos. Courtesy of AT&T PAC.

Singer-songwriter and piano pop icon Tori Amos’ recent step back into the spotlight seems well-timed, as she is sometimes considered the American version of Kate Bush, who has had a similar reacquaintance with fame in recent years. Amos has carved out her own stylistic niche, however, and has earned her best critical response in over a decade. She risked the danger of being a 90s has-been, but instead has maintained her status as a respected artist beyond the music video era. The venue in which she performs tonight is evidence enough of that. The show begins at 7:30.

I’d like to thank everyone who entered to win tickets to Dogfight yesterday. We had  a great response and the winners should be hearing from us shortly, ahead of tomorrow night’s show.

Now is as good a time as any to remind you about a particular exhibition at the DMA. That would be the run of Mind’s Eye: Masterworks on Paper from David to Cézannewhich opened late last month. It offers a selection of seldom-seen pieces from various household names. We’ve become so accustomed to van Gogh and Degas as masters of the canvas (or even sculpture in the latter’s case) , that this collection of watercolors and sketches appears almost startlingly new.

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