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Syracuse Gets in on the Highway Teardown Party

Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down that highway! (What?)
By Tim Rogers |
Google image of the I-345's bottom
Google image of I-345’s bottom

In Syracuse, New York, there’s an elevated highway that runs through the city for 1.4 miles. It separates downtown Syracuse from the bustling neighborhood of University Hill. From Governing:

The aging highway cuts off many streets on the city’s grid. “There is this gulf,” [a developer] says. “What we’ve done is take an incredibly important piece of this city off of the development map. This highway runs through the part of the city that should be some of the highest-producing parcels of land in the region.”

Does that sound familiar? You will not be surprised when I tell you that they are talking about tearing down this highway and replacing it with a boulevard that would better connect downtown to University Hill. Really, the only surprising thing about the story is that it does not mention Dallas.