Morning News Says Mike Rawlings Should Run Again Because Mary Suhm

Also because he's a "salesman with a soul"

The DMN ran an editorial over the weekend that said Mike Rawlings should run for another term. My take: Sure, why not? He can’t build a coalition on the council, but he is onboard with school reform. I’m for the latter more than the former.

The paper’s reasons Mayor Mike should run again? (Other than because he’s “a salesman with a soul,” of course.)

1. He works hard. “His schedule is relentless, and the workload takes a huge toll.”

2. Mary Suhm was amazeballs. “The new city manager has yet to show that he is able to fill the role that Mary Suhm played at City Hall. Her personality and presence were powerful enough for her to stand as the city’s primary leader.”

(Sub-point: #facepalm.)

3. We don’t like anyone else who could run. “Rawlings’ absence would add a gaping hole in leadership that the city can ill afford.”

I’m not sure why that’s supposed to be true. Clearly, you’re okay with a city manager being “the city’s primary leader,” even though he/she is not elected, correct? And don’t we know as much about the likely candidates (Alan Walne, Dwaine Caraway, and Marcos Ronquillo) than we did about Rawlings?

I’m not saying the man shouldn’t run again. I’m just saying I still don’t know why the DMN thinks it’s a good idea.


  • Oak cliffer

    Don’t forget he wants to destroy Dallas’ greatest asset by shoving a tollroad down the middle. No wonder the Morning News loves him.

    He SHOULD be mayor when that garbage is built so he can take all the heat from everyone else in the world that thinks we’re idiots for destroying our river park.

  • Raymond Crawford
  • Hal R

    The most interesting sentence in the article was this, “That’s why, if he still has the physical and emotional stamina to continue in the job, the mayor should ask voters to return him to City Hall.”

    There have been a lot of whispers of Mike’s health this year. I’m guessing he won’t run (neither will Rep Anchia), which means Angela Hunt will run. Then panic ensues among Citizen’s Council.

    • Eric Celeste

      I haven’t talked to Angela, but it wouldn’t surprise me. She considered it when Rawlings ran. I’ll ask. Anchia won’t run, he confirmed again to me last week. And as for his health, I hear his hip is very bad. That’s a concern.

  • Oak Cliff taxpayer

    Please, 4 years is enough torture for the taxpayers of Dallas. I am tired of him showboating instead of getting the city manager to do their job. For a professionally run city, Dallas is a real mess. From broken street lights, to pot holes on every corner, a police/fire pension scandal just waiting to devastate our city budget, their are lots of reasons to get a fresh perspective. Mike is like day old fish, he smells & needs to be tossed in the garbage.

  • John O’Neill

    Seeing as he made much of his fortune in the payday lending industry, I would take issue with the assertion that he has a soul.

  • Eric Celeste

    “His” hip — I mean Rawlings. Tim says I need to get better about IDing people. He may be right. Rawlings, I mean. What?