Let’s Take Another Look at What’s on John Wiley Price’s Mind

Been a long time coming.

Illustration by Steve Brodner

In 2011, we commissioned Steve Brodner to create this illustration of John Wiley Price’s mind and what was going on inside it. Zac and I collaborated on the individual thoughts, which we sent to Brodner. Here’s the rough version I drew, before Brodner made it pretty. Looking back, and flipping through today’s indictment, I think we pretty much nailed it. Except for EdgeFest and philately. Still combing the indictment, but I don’t see either of those mentioned.


  • Poetaster


    All around the county court steps
    Reporters chased the weasel
    Hoping to get a great quote
    Allegedly! Goes the weasel.

    A tuppence for a friend up there
    A penny for assistance!
    That’s the way the money flows,
    Allegedly! Goes the weasel.

    Cash was found, in a locked safe.
    Cars and land were given,
    Through the hands of his women.
    Allegedly! Goes the weasel.

    Johnny’s really in a tight spot
    Someone might be talking
    Maybe soon he’ll have a court date
    Pop! Goes the weasel!

  • Louie Dobbs

    JWP should go to prison like everyone else that of committed a crime. He has costed tax payers enough. John enough is enough give up and take a plea. Don’t cost us more money and step down your a crook and don’t belong in office. All you do is yell and screem at people older then you, you are a bully, I wish you try that with me . I put a whipping on your ass. When you get to prison you will be someones bitch.