Leading Off (7/9/2014)

Today, President Obama pays Dallas a visit. Plus a bunch of depressing stuff.

President Obama to Visit Dallas Today: According to the White House release I got last night: In the evening, the president will attend a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event at a private residence. During the day, he’ll “meet with local elected officials and faith leaders to discuss the urgent humanitarian situation at the Southwest border.” This will take place at DalFort Fueling, out at Love Field. Get your pitchforks or welcome mats, depending on your preference.

Police Release Footage of the 666 Bandit: Good luck IDing him (I’m assuming it’s a him) from this, but take a shot at it. Your clues: rides a bike, looks pretty lanky, was downtown. Judging by these hints, I’d say it’s Eric Nicholson.

Fort Worth Man Added to Most Wanted Sex Offender List: “He has several tattoos, including a biohazard emblem on the right side of his chest and a picture of a little girl on the left side of his chest.” Did I mention that he’s wanted on parole and probation violations stemming from three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child?

Father of Murdered Toddler Says Mother Is Innocent: OK, maybe not innocent, but he says she feared for her life when she buried her 19-month-old daughter. What is clear, since burying your daughter under a bridge in a rural Texas town is not, evidently: the alleged murderer, Joshua Beard, will not fair well in prison.


  • sooieeehog

    Probably won’t fare well in prison, either.

  • Eric Nicholson

    I see the jig is up. Fine detective work, Mr. Pearson.

    • BradfordPearson

      It was only a matter of time, Eric.