Leading Off (7/8/14)


GOP Convention Decision Comes Today. The decision should come at 11 today. We’re guessing. Cleveland is guessing. You heard it here first: Dallas will land the thing. I am citing unnamed sources. (If we don’t get the thing, then never mind. Just forget you ever read this post. And know that you heard this here first: USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. 2016. Got ’em.)

Ruling on NFL Damages for Concussions Provides Nothing But More Uncertainty. Fans of the magazine have no doubt read Zac’s fine story about Tony Dorsett and the damage that football did to his brain. News came yesterday that the NFL’s liability for damages for those concussions won’t be limited to $675 million, thought it appears that news won’t really change players’ lives. Sad quote from the DMN story about the development: “Dorsett, in telephone interviews with The News last August, November, and Monday, seems to have deteriorated, at least in ability to hold train of thought. He said he continues to get periodic treatment at UCLA, including stem-cell.”

Home Rule Board Meets, I Go Insane. Sorry. Stuff been going on. Family summer vacation. Stuff. Other stuff. But the DISD home-rule commission met for the first time yesterday. And I’m just now cluing in to the fact that the commission — the body charged with taking a fresh, independent look at how the district does its business — includes among its members Marcus Ranger, husband of DISD trustee Carla Ranger; and Lew Blackburn Jr., who is so much like his father, who sits on the board, that he has the same name. This should work great. Thanks, guys.