Leading Off (7/3/14)

Mavs Meet With Carmelo Anthony. It happened at Mark Cuban’s house, and it was by far the shortest meeting of Anthony’s free agency tour. So, you know, probably forget whatever I said yesterday, unless it was a super-efficient, Danny Ocean-style, you’re-either-in-or-you’re-out kind of sales job.

13-Year-Old Urges Mom Not to Press Charges Against 12-Year-Old That Shot Him. “The first thing he said when he woke up and could talk to me is, ‘Please don’t file charges,’” his mom said. “I said, ‘It was an accident, right?’ He said, ‘Yes, it was an accident.'” Carl Davis’ friend is understandably really shook up, and Carl is doing pretty well, considering. Doctors had to remove part of Carl’s intestine, but the scar will be covered by his Stop Snitching t-shirt.

Target Asks Customers To Leave Guns At Home. Pretty chill world we’re living in, now.

John Wiley Price Cheese Board Exists. “He’s not going away any time soon,” Christine Carey said of Price. “So let’s eat cheese off of him.”