Leading Off (7/22/14)

You're one day away from hump day.

Mike Miles Gets Contract Extension. DISD trustees met for more than nine hours before deciding early this morning to give their superintendent a two-year extension. Miles won’t get a raise, but he could earn $200,000 if he meets certain goals. Also, he’ll get to do eight days of outside consulting, but he’ll have to take vacation to do it. All in all, seems like a fair deal. But nine hours? That’s the biggest indication of what’s broken with the system.

Architects Come Out Against Trinity Toll Road. Huge op-ed in the paper today against the Trinity toll road. HUGE. It is signed by Betsy del Monte, Tip Housewright, and Bryce Weigand, all fellows of the American Institute of Architects. It carries the support of Myriam E. Camargo, Duncan Fulton III, Larry Good, Robert Meckfessel, Marcel Quimby, Craig Reynolds, and Dennis Stacy. They suggest we do two things: “First, abandon the Trinity Tollway as a poorly located, inappropriate measure from earlier times. Second, move ahead with the repairs necessary to keep I-345 safe and usable for the next few years, and no more.”

Will Lancaster Road Be Renamed for Nelson Mandela? That’s what Councilman Dwaine Caraway wants to do. Great idea. It has my full support. One minor tweak, though: instead of Nelson Mandela, let’s call it Riverview Road.

Cops Need Your Help. Early on the morning of July 16, several men dropped 16-year-old Eric Romero at Baylor. He had a gunshot wound to the head and did not survive. See if you can help.