Leading Off (7/1/12)

It is once again Tuesday. You know this.

DMN Publishes World-Class Use of the Phrase “World Class.” We are all tired of the phrase “world class,” yes? Surely on this we can agree. We’ve all decided that striving to build world-class stuff oftentimes makes us look more like something less than world class, more like Springfield buying a monorail. We’ve learned that there’s a difference between being a striver and a climber. Right? So it was disappointing to me to read Jacquielynn Floyd’s column today. Perhaps you’ve heard of County Judge Clay Jenkins’ plan to provide transitional care for 2,000 child migrants caught at the U.S.-Mexico border. Well, Floyd, after essentially acknowledging that we overuse the phrase, says the plan “is an opportunity to demonstrate world-class compassion.” Listen, I know I’m looking at a tree in a forest. Because I agree with Floyd. This is a chance for our city to make a huge difference in the lives of a whole bunch of kids. And the xenophobia that has sprung up in some quarters in response to their plight is appalling. So why must I bog down in Floyd’s rhetorical device? Just doing what I do.

Clay Jenkins Has Got It Going On. Speaking of the county judge, read Gromer Jeffers’ column about Clay Jenkins. Funny to learn that Jenkins got the idea to bring those migrant children to Dallas from his 8-year-old daughter. But the salient point of the column is that this plan shows just how fully Jenkins has stepped out from under the shadow of John Wiley Price. Strong work.

North Texas Foreclosure Filings Fall by More Than 40 Percent. Good work, people.

Gooooooaaaaaalll! Soccer happens real hard today at 3. Jozy Altidore is available to play, but some people think he shouldn’t. Here’s a preview of the match that predicts Dallas’ own Omar Gonzalez will start. But the preview also predicts that Belgium will win 1-0, which is clearly wrong.