A. Nudle Watson created a Judgmental Map of Dallas.

Judgmental Map of Dallas

A Judgemental Map brings us a not-so-helpful look at Dallas

A. Nudle Watson created a Judgmental Map of Dallas.
A. Nudle Watson created a Judgmental Map of Dallas.

I love maps of Dallas. I can’t read a traditional map to save my life, which pre-iPhone days, made for many hours lost somewhere between point A and point B. But I love maps that tell me something about my city. One of my favorites is this map by David Harman, which is screen-printed and hand made. It’s pretty, and I’ve seen it framed and hanging in various coffee shops around town. (David created these maps while in Dallas, but is now pursuing an MFA in Painting in Knoxville.) My other favorite is this one, created by the folks at bcWorkshop. This map portrays the 318 communities in Dallas. I printed this out and put it on my desk for a few days. I heard, “I didn’t know that part of town is called that” multiple times while people studied the map. It also led to an argument or two. Both of the above examples are made with love and lead to a better understanding of the city. I don’t think this Judgmental Map of Dallas was made in the same vein. And while I don’t agree with most of the stereotypes, it does make for an interesting read.


  • T_S_

    Interesting read? That map was genius.

  • Dan Koller

    My favorite part is “The Enclave at The Villages of Deer Run at Quail Arroyo Estates de Chandelier Crossing.” Genius.

  • Tim Rogers

    Parts of the map are pretty dang funny. Other parts of it are just straight-up racist.

    • Nope

      Truth does not equal racism

    • William Lion

      i completely agree with you… this is a map I created a couple years ago…


    • Greg

      yes I don’t see watermelon eaters.. or Africanville …why?? b/c they know it would make front news headlines.. the Asians and Mexicans get the humor 😉

  • Travel Addict

    Hilarious and probably pretty accurate too.

  • Woody

    Oh. My. Word. There are gonna some peeps angry about that one! But I am NOT one of them!!! I found ALL the stereotypes wildly hysterical.

  • Taylor Toynes

    This map is bias and offensive. I’m am tired of people making southern Dallas to be the most dangerous place. If that’s the case stop gentrification in Oak cliff.

  • John Barrow

    genious. South Driveby lol

  • ddo

    Forgot Valley Ranch/Las Colinas as the “New New Delhi”

  • William Lion
  • William Lion
    • Greg

      So why were you afraid to make fun of the blacks??

  • William Lion

    i agree with you.

  • William Lion
  • Rick

    Always amusing to see judgmental proclamations from people pointing out how judgmental everyone else is. “Go remove the log from your own eyes, then you will see clearly to remove the speck in your brother’s eye.”

  • Wade Grahms

    Ft.Worth..yes please!!!

  • D*F

    Why is there no label for The Village apartments or Lower Greenville area? Shouldn’t they be something like “Apartments full of parents’ old crap” and “St Patty’s Playplace”?

  • D*F

    Why aren’t there labels for The Village Apartments and Lower Greenville areas? Shouldn’t they be something like “Apartments full of parents’ old crap” and “St Patty’s Playplace”?

  • Greg

    Love the humor.. but I did notice that whoever made this made fun of the Asians, Mexicans, and everyone else.. but I do not see “Fried Chicken Eaters” on here… come on.. if it’s just humor… you need to not wuss out on the one groups that will call you out… my guess is that if they did.. it would make headlines as a racist map.. just sayin!!!

  • Mark Baland

    It’s funny because everybody sucks in their own special way(s)…