Jim Schutze Was Right — Six Years Ago — About John Wiley Price

He Schutze. He scores!
He Schutze. He scores!

It is time to give Jim Schutze (aka Charles Schultz) his propers. In Sunday’s DMN, Steve Thompson wrote a story about the John Wiley Price indictment and the story it tells about the commissioner’s meddling with the inland port. Schutze wrote that story in 2008. Oh, maybe not that exact story. Though Schutze did mention the Perot family and how they might benefit from a stalled inland port, he didn’t ever use the word “Hillwood.” But, really, he had it. He said Price was running a shakedown, and he said it with the help of Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. She deserves credit, too. “I see all of these different deals that he’s trying to do over the years, shaking people down and all that kind of stuff,” she told Schutze. Go back and read it. It’s worth your time.

Something else interesting about that Schutze story: he mentions that State Senator Royce West played a role in Price’s scheme. Why is that interesting? Because it is. Just something to think about.


  • Catherine Garrison

    Jim Schutze, over the years, has been right about a lot of things. This is only one example.

    • Pat McCann

      But, but, but, but… I thought Jim was (pick one) crazy, washed, etc, etc. That what I read on this very blog as Jim was typing away against all things Trinity tollway, bridges to nowhere, Inland Port and South Dallas political machine. Or is Jim crazy only when he is against real estate deals championed by Hunts, Crows and other boldfaced families?

  • Adam

    Just for the record, if the uber-reference is to the guy who wrote Peanuts, his name was not Schultz. It was Schulz.

    • Tim Rogers

      Please follow the link. All will be explained.

  • JSSS

    By all means, let’s credit Eddie Bernice Johnson. And let’s ignore the Congressional Black Caucus scholarship story. And how much money she has made from her Love Field ties.

  • Jack Jett

    With Wilonsky gone, all they have is Patrick Williams and Jim. Sad that Joe Tone was allowed to come in and destroy, in a few months, what Wilonsky had worked on for years.
    From Bible Girl to Torah Boy, why can’t they find an editor without some effed up right wing religious agenda. Now the DMN is our liberal rag.

    • Pat McCann

      Please explain what Joe has “destroyed” in a few months.

    • Tim Rogers

      Bringing Tone’s religious preference into this is probably your low point, Jack. Not sure who on our staff approved your comment, but I would not have. The DO is lucky to have Tone (and Williams and Schutze). Clean up your act, man.

  • Tell The Truth

    Good story

  • Borborygmus

    Reruns for Tuesday.


    Most of us hope that our kids will exceed
    Our stations in life, and end never in need.
    But not all are lucky, have financial capital
    For college tuition, its payment semi-annual.
    So scholarship money for young inocciduous
    With financial need seems fiscally primifluous.

    Well enter Eddie Bernice, her feelings are other
    Her choices would replace “needy” with another
    Standard of giving, for those who are worthy
    (Too bad not all come from Congress District 30.)
    A question remains ’bout this familial Grand Slam,
    Was it tucked into cards, signed “Congrats, Love Gram?”

    Amorevolous grandmother you just well might be.
    And plebicor politician, your district doesn’t see
    (At least you hope) this self dealing, “few did qualify”
    As insulting. Or else politically you might tremefy
    Re-election hopes for your office this year
    (Do we hear in the distance your opponent’s cheer?).

    The moral of this story, voters bubulcitate,
    Is it seems like power can most always viliorate
    A person whose standards are up for sale
    And it doesn’t take much for a career to derail.
    History has proven to many a snollygoster
    The story rarely ends with “happily ever after”.

    8 words were saved by this poem. So there’s that.

  • Jack Jett

    Just to be clear. Tone is taking Torah classes thus the Torah Boy/Bible Girl reference. It was not a slam at his faith. He is lucky to have a Tim Rogers as part of his support team as people know being on your SL is a drag. Maybe someday he can be part of your team.

    I whole heartedly apologize if any religious person was offended by my comment. Regarding the approval, after I made you aware of a photo of you I had seen on a gay online publication and then you threaten them with some sort of legal action, my comments stopped being approved here. Not sure how it slipped through but please don’t punish them for my dirty work.

    Over the years I have stuck up for many DO writers that have been bashed here, Tone has (IMHO) turned UP into a local Drudge report. So if you like that sort of thing you will love what he has done. Simple. I am among many that miss the days of Wilonsky. Allowing (and supporting) comments where an 65 year old female can be called a “C” for her liberal views seems is but one small example of the Tone irritants. You are right though, my lame attempt to connect him to Julie Lyons name could be seen as dirty.

    I am no longer in the business of show, so I don’t have an act to clean up and I had thought you were off writing your memoirs but I promise to wash/bleach/rinse/repeat my future comments that might offend our local religious journalist in action. Clean living can be hard.