Jesse Ventura Wins Case Against Chris Kyle, Awarded $1.8 Million

(photo by Brandon Thibodeaux)
(photo by Brandon Thibodeaux)

A jury awarded the former professional wrestler/Predator actor/Minnesota governor $1.8 million in his defamation case against the estate of the late Chris Kyle, finding that Kyle had defamed Ventura in his book, American Sniper. I’d ask Michael Mooney for his take, but he’s probably off breaking his other foot or something.


  • Brett Moore
  • Christopher Lowry

    The big question is why did Kyle fabricate the story? Was it his idea or did someone put him up to it.

    • tony

      I think he story was fabricated and a lot of people put him up to it. The establishment doesn’t like high profile people like Ventura going around saying that we have no business in all these foreign wars, which we don’t. So the establishment will pay people to go around trying to discredit what Ventura is saying that makes a lot of sense by saying that a former Navy Seal would bash service men and women which doesn’t make any sense. The whole story was ridiculous and shows the corruption of the establishment and notice they made all these claims when he was away in Mexico with little or no media communications. They knew he would not hear about it. Luckily Alex Jones alerted him. No matter what you think of Ventura or Alex Jones you have to realize the establishment is ruthless and corrupt.

  • Alex Ellis

    AT first, I was mad at Jesse Ventura. Then today, I thought and researched. Chris Kyle was a Seal Veteran of Iraq yes. Thank You for Your service. But when He got back, he was a braggart and a liar. He lied about shooting two men to death in Texas and lied about Jesse Ventura. Those facts are clear.

    • Jim M

      How are “those facts clear”?

  • Jack Jett

    Did Chris Kyle win awards for the amount of people he killed or for killing people who had put our country in harms way? I would assume since he was celebrated that the kills were all confirmed as serious threats and not “collateral” , children or the elderly. Perhaps it is explained in the book.

  • Casey

    (1.) jesse ventura’s lawsuit was won against Navy Seal Chris Kyle for the following reasons:
    1- Kyle’s attorneys’ made a fatal decision-error during trial – – THE CASE WAS NOT WON ON JUSTICE!
    2- Navy-Seal Chris Kyle was shot in the back in Texas, murdered, & no longer present to speak for himself at trial & some of his witnesses could not be there in person – they spoke via deposition on video, decreasing greatly their effectiveness.
    (2.) ELEVEN (11) very creditable eyewitnesses, testified to the fact, Navy Seal Chris Kyle punched jesse ventura to the floor in the 2006 bar-fight. “Ventura had no shortage of things to say that night about politics, the war in Iraq, fallen soldiers, conspiracy theories and himself,” as reported by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.” ventura made public, unprovoked, disparaging, & grossly insulting remarks against the only protection we have, from the on-slaught of mentally deranged foreign attackers. Remember 911? The entire bar attendees should have knocked jesse ventura to the floor! In truth, it was jesse ventura who was responsible for the bar fight.
    (3.) Navy Seal Chris Kyle wrote his book for two reasons:
    1- To generate 100% of his book’s proceeds for the cause of providing for the children & widows of our beloved fallen protectors & for the benefit of our seriously injured protectors. Keeping in mind venture’s unfounded law suit, the seriously injured & the children & their Moms, are now over $1 million short! Navy Seal Chris Kyle would not have gained any profit from his own work & time producing the manuscript! He not only gave, & gave & gave & gave, even at the very high risk of his own life, but was well able to generate his own personal income apart from the proceeds of his book, through intelligence & labor – & NOT BY BRINGING LAW SUITS, EVEN AGAINST THOSE WHO HAVE MADE ACTUAL FALSE ACCUSATIONS!
    2- To reiterate to the knowledgable, of the heavy costs of our military as they lay down their lives to keep our enemies on their soil & not on ours. And, to bring the truth to the brainwashed, to the hostile twisted hearts, to the highly educated & grossly ignorant, & to all those upside down in their thinking. Truth is a healing serum.