(Photo by Billy Surface)

Dirk Nowitzki Takes Even Bigger Discount, Is The Best

When Dirk Nowitzki agreed — no surprise — to re-sign with the Mavericks, the terms were pegged at three years, $30 million. The “hometown discount,” they call it. Considering that the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers were willing to make him a max offer (which would have been somewhere north of $20 million a year), that was a HUGE bargain.

Today, Nowitzki officially signed his contract and the deal is even better: three years, $25 million. He lopped off another $5 million to help facilitate Chandler Parsons’ new deal. He’s the fourth-highest-paid player on the team. The fourth. Do I even have to say it? Okay, why not: I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN.


  • Mavdog

    Dirk is the anti-Kobe, the anti-Carmelo. Winning is what’s most important, not ego.
    The best guy ever. We love you Big German!

    • 5iveblades

      You chose to compare him to Kobe – a guy who’ve stayed with LA, winning or losing – and Carmelo – an NYC native who went home and stayed there when he got the chance? He’s the anti-LeBron, plain and simple.

    • Dustin Bloch

      I see all the defense of players like Kobe and Melo and heres what I say to that. Kobe yes is loyal to his team but in the process demanded max salary and despite sitting out the past two years hasn’t reworked his contract to open up more money. Last season Kobe made more than Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli COMBINED. He’s NEVER taken a discount on pay. Melo did stay in NYC and signed a MAX deal (more than he would have gotten elsewhere). He did shop around but ultimately took money over all else. If you believe he stayed in NYC for any other reason you’re crazy.

      Heres what makes Dirk unique. In the midst of FA’s teams like LA and Houston were pursuing him for max deals and he DIDN’T MEET WITH ANYONE. He didn’t send his agent (does have one) to meet with teams, he didn’t take calls. He did nothing until Dallas landed the players they needed THEN he worked out his deal. He wants to win and wants to win in Dallas. He is truly loyal and I believe this loyalty will be rewarded.

  • Mo Roney

    I love him, too, but is there anything in the rules that would keep Cuban from giving him this contract, but saying, the day you retire I’ll hire you to give speeches for $1 million apiece, and you’ll make it all back?

    • Mavdog

      yes, there are rules against that type of arrangement. Minnesota was caught doing a wink-wink and they forfeited their draft picks, and the GM was suspended for a year.

  • David

    Yes, both Kobe and Carmelo stayed with their respective teams. However, Carmelo signed for the max and Kobe signed that two year dear that was about as close to team friendly as Carmelo is a point guard. Carmelo is worth the max to most teams (I think he’s a black hole), but Kobe is not at this point. This is not only about staying with the same team, but taking a discount to make the rest of the better. If we are speaking on the latter, then it word me more anti-Kobe/Melo than Lebron.

  • girl0032

    Not following the anti-Lebron statement considering he also went back home. It’s ok for Carmelo to leave his home state and come back, but not Lebron?

  • Greg

    Carmelo was born in NYC, but grew up and spent his whole childhood in Baltimore.