Dallas-Fort Worth Had the Lowest USMNT Game Ratings

Maybe this is because so maybe people watched at AT&T Stadium?

Lord and (almost) savior.
Lord and (almost) savior. Source: Wikipedia

Dallas-Fort Worth drew a 5.5 Nielsen rating for yesterday’s U.S.-Belgium game, good enough for….last in the entire United States. Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Knoxville, Cleveland for God’s sake: all drew better ratings. Cleveland!

Here are the top markets:

1. New York: 15.0
2. Hartford-New Haven, Conn.: 13.2
3. Washington, D.C.: 12.8
4. Richmond-Petersburg, Va.: 12.3
5. Boston: 12.2
(47 more periods)
56. Dallas-Fort Worth: 5.5


  • AeroRazavi

    Does this take Univision into account?

    • BradfordPearson

      Trying to figure that out right now, and I’ll update accordingly.

  • TheSlowPath

    Does it take into account folks watching at bars or other group viewings like Alamo Drafthouse?

  • CaptFantastic

    It does not include univision and crowd watching is not included. So the 20K at the DeathStar and the 3K at Victory plaza are not included… But, as a DFW soccer fan, I am mystfyied by this continued low performance of soccer watching in Dallas.

    • AeroRazavi

      Low? Compared to what? If soccer watching in these parts are that bad, there would not be a Cruz Azul v CF Monterrey game in Dallas tomorrow evening. I would hazard to guess there are probably more followers of Liga MX in DFW than say MLS. But it is still soccer nonetheless.

  • Dubious Brother

    What is the unemployment rate in the top 5 markets compared to D/FW?

    • BradfordPearson

      1. New York: 7.4 percent
      2. Hartford-New Haven: 6.9/7.3
      3. Washington, D.C.: 7.5
      4. Richmond-Petersburg: 5.7/9.1
      5. Boston: 5.2

      Dallas-Fort Worth: 5.1/4.7

      These are just for the cities, though, not the surrounding metro areas, which is what Nielsen studies.

  • Mario Bonilla

    Does this Include Internet Streaming?

  • Mario Bonilla

    Does this include Internet Streaming?

  • Glenn Hunter

    Does this include people who may have accidentally picked the broadcast up on fillings in their teeth?