A Less Than Complete Recap of Last Night’s ‘Best of Big D’ Party That Includes an Appearance by Pat Green

The author pictured with a lady he dragged out of there last night.
The author pictured with a lady he dragged out of there last night.

A good time was had by all, I believe, at last night’s Best of Big D party at the Rustic. DJ Sober and Sam Lao were great. The drinks flowed freely. Much food went into many mouths. And so on and so forth. But I will tell you this: before the front moved through, it was a little steamy. The meteorological conditions occasioned my favorite moment of the night:

My wife and I spent a good portion of our time in attendance trying to position ourselves in range of the misting fans that patrol the perimeter of the Rustic’s courtyard. You might be aware that Pat Green is part owner of the joint. At one point, we wound up a few paces from him. He was getting misted better than we. While I was talking to someone, I saw my wife out of the corner of my eye go over to have a few words with Green but didn’t think much of it. His music lies somewhere in her wheelhouse. She’s not shy. I figured she was just trying to sleep with him or something.

About 10 minutes later, Green was taking pictures with some fans, and my wife said to me, “Hey, who is that guy?”

“That’s Pat Green,” I said, a bit confused. “You were talking to him earlier. Did you not know who you were talking to?”

She cracked up. “No, I didn’t,” she said. “When I saw him standing under that fan, I went over and said, ‘You’ve got a great spot.’ ”

Green didn’t say anything, just nodded. So of course he was thinking my wife recognized him and was complimenting him on the Rustic itself, which is, indeed, a great spot. Not having gotten a verbal response from him, my wife kept at it.

“I mean, your spot is the best because it’s right under that fan,” she clarified.

Which must have seemed to Green like a really odd, cruel joke. Sort of like: “Your child is perfect … for the role of Village Idiot in the school play.” My wife then broke off her brief encounter and returned to my side, where I could protect her from celebrity musicians.

Anyway, that’s what happened. Not sure it translates into print. Maybe you had to be there. Next year, for sure, you need to be there. See you then.


  • roger_that

    “where I could protect her from celebrity musicians.” this is, of course, the best part of this whole post.

  • Brett Moore

    I have to take similar measures anytime my wife is in the vicinity of Cary Pierce. (To be fair, she has to restrain me from trying to make Rhett Miller into my best friend anytime he appears in a 50 mile radius of Dallas.)