10 Reasons You Should Attend Best of Big D Live

Get your tickets now.

BOBD_Live_fb1. You’ll get a sneak peek at some of this year’s winners in our annual Best of Big D issue.

2. Guests will enjoy complimentary beer, wine, cocktails, and sample menu items from some of the best bars and restaurants in town.

3. DJ Sober and singer Sam Lao will perform.

4. The Rustic is a swell place to spend an evening eating and imbibing outdoors.

5. There’s a Jackopierce concert right after the party.

6. You can get 20% off an UBER ride to and from the event with the promo code ‘BOBDAL.’

7. Tickets are only $50

8. Tickets are only $65 if you want to attend the Jackopierce show too.

9. It’s an opportunity to swear at Tim Rogers to his face. (NOTE: Offer not valid after the Jackopierce show has begun.)

10. You know you don’t have any better plans for 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, July 23.

So get your ticket now. While they’re still available.


  • RAB

    If we don’t want to go to the Best of Big D Live event, but we still want to swear at Tim Rogers to his face, can you let us know how you could accommodate that request? Is there a time that you could make Tim available at Klyde Warren Park — or better yet, at the corner of Mockingbird and the northbound Central Expressway service road so we could just roll down our windows and swear at him while we drive by?

    • Tim Rogers

      You know where to find me, pal.

  • RAB

    Still the second stall closest to the door in the Greyhound bus station bathroom?