Who Has a History of Hating the Media and Using 666 In Reference to the LGBT Community?

I am not a detective. At least not officially. But I do know a thing or two about a thing or two, and I have a pretty outstanding memory. So the vandalism over the weekend immediately rang a bell once I heard about it. Who, I thought, has a history of using 666 in reference to the LGBT community? And also hates the media? There are probably other people. But there is one person who leaps to mind — click those links — the same guy who recently hand-inserted fliers saying as much into copies of the Dallas Observer. (I gave mine to Tim. Tim lost it. Of course. UPDATE: I found it.) Not saying this person was involved, but there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence present that he probably needs to lock down an alibi.

flier 2

Flier 1