What Is the Oldest Continuously Running Bar in Dallas?

A few names were thrown around: Inwood Tavern, Club Schmitz (though that's no long in the mix), Sons of Herrmann Hall. We know that one bar—Inwood Tavern—claims the title at 50 years—but that seems too young.

Photo: Nathaniel Chadwick
Photo: Nathaniel Chadwick

This topic came up last week, when Tim and I were fact-checking a story. A few names were thrown around: Inwood Tavern, Club Schmitz (though that’s no longer in the mix), Sons of Hermann Hall. We know that one bar—Inwood Tavern—claims the title at 50 years—but that seems too young.

Anyone got anything older?


  • gimmethewooby

    Greenville Bar and Grill likely held the title until that big fire a few years back.

  • Michael

    Think geographically, which means focus on the center city and it’s older buildings. What about the bar in the Adolphus?

  • thufir_hawat

    Club Schmitz opened in 46 (burned and rebuilt in the 50s) but shut down this month. RIP.
    Longhorn Ballroom opened in the 50s but is certainly different that it once was.
    I would vote Sons of Hermann, which has been around since 1911 (though admittedly not always open to the public). Still great.

  • SDM

    Adair’s claims 1963

    • Johnyalamo

      Adairs used to be open on Cedar Springs before it moved to Deep Ellum in the early 80’s. I remember hearing the stories about how the ‘$hitkickers’ didn’t quite mix well with the booming gay population back then. There apparently was a lot of animosity at closing night party before the move.

  • Dan Koller

    My first thought was Ship’s at Greenville and Ross. But the true answer is probably some bar in the southern sector that your average D Magazine editor/reader has never heard of.

    • BradfordPearson

      That was my thought, too, though the “continuously operated” part throws a lot of them.

    • Los_Politico

      Oak Cliff and Pleasant Grove were dry till recently, so a southern sector contender would have to come from the Cedars, Fair Park, or South Dallas. Not a huge area…

  • Brandon

    Adair’s would have been my first guess.

  • Amy Severson

    Dallas Country Club?

  • dallasboiler

    Somebody else already pondered this one and came up with similar answers as commenters here.


    • Michael

      I win. Adolphus is oldest.

  • Dan Koller

    Good point. I forgot about the dry history.

  • Amy Severson


    Part 2 deals with the Dallas years between the repeal of prohibition and changes to the state law in the 1970’s that legalized “clubs”. But we’ve been a little busy with our paying jobs…….

  • Cole Daugherty

    I have to go with Ship’s (1953) unless someone has a better answer. A fraternal lodge or country club open only to members and/or a hotel with a bar inside don’t really qualify. We’re talking pub….public house…the watering hole serving no other purpose than to serve the drinking public. I’m waiting for an answer about a place near Fair Park that has been open since 1946…which would be awesome.

  • Twofer

    The Dallasite on Bryan at Fitzhugh just celebrated it’s 50th anniversary last Friday. Located first on Gaston at Fitzhugh,( now a Laundromat) then Ross Ave (now a Apartment Complex) it has been at it’s current location for around 7 years or so.

  • That Jeff

    It’s The Pastime…located at 1503 S. Ervay St. Apparently open since 1937.

  • James M Butler

    Pastime tavern, been there since 1937!

    • James M Butler

      Been continuously open and has not moved!

  • James M Butler

    Pastime Tavern been there since 1937!

  • James M Butler

    Pastime Tavern been there since 1937!

  • Stinkfinger

    Wow, didnt know this. Love hearing about the history about some of these places.

  • Lakewoody

    Mockingbird Twin Peaks opened last year…seems like an eternity.

    I bet Campisis is in the top 20.

  • TheBlaydes

    Property records show no building older then 1945 on the site for Pastime…

  • Matt

    I’d always heard Ships Lounge was. If so, I guess that’s about to change.