Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 5

A small Denton art collective invades the DMA; an author with local ties addresses nuclear war and the environment in Expo Park.

Courtney Marie, co-founder of Spiderweb Saloon. Credit: Andi Harman.
Courtney Marie, co-founder of Spiderweb Saloon. Credit: Andi Harman.

Denton invades Dallas this evening as the Spiderweb Salon art collective will host a show at the DMA. Founded almost exactly two years ago, the group offers an open call to Denton’s much-discussed creative community, by organizing combination poetry readings and music events, while also publishing a small zine. It’s quite a step for any grassroots arts group to go from creaky house shows in Denton to the hoary marbled confines of the Arts District, so consider my interest piqued.

Immediately following the DMA showcase, there will be an “encore” at Two Bronze Doors, the small performance space just off of Richmond and Lower Greenville. I stopped by for an event last weekend, and the sophisticated yet casual crowd provided a welcome reminder that not all off-the-beaten path artistic activity has moved across the Margaret Hunt Hill entirely.

Perhaps in-between shows you could stop by either the Blind Butcher or Libertine, and those may seem like obvious choices but the two establishments deserve some credit for the unexpected fact that they both have at least one credible vegan entree on their menu. Blind Butcher has the tofu dog with veggie bacon, while Libertine has a newly revised menu, which includes a quinoa burger with fried onions. I don’t mean to generalize regarding the diets of the art and music communities, but let’s just say that they often dine as they live: A tad more complicated and demanding than the rest of the world.

Speaking of demanding, one of those pesky activists who are always trying to raise awareness about such petty topics as nuclear waste, war, and environmental concerns will be speaking at the CentralTrak artists’ residency tonight. As Tim Rogers mentioned earlier this week, author Laray Polk covered a local aspect of the same topic for D Magazine back in 2010, regarding billionaire Harold Simmons. She recently wrote a book with world famous speaker and author, Noam Chomsky. The book, Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe, will be the catalyst for tonight’s discussion.

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