Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 12

Bruce Wood's final project sees the stage; Ellen Soderquist returns to the gallery.

Bruce Wood. Photo by Brian Guilliaux.
Bruce Wood. Photo by Brian Guilliaux.

This seems like an atypically serious handful of events. Allow some time for reflection between the peaks and valleys this evening.

It will be a momentous and reverent night for the admirers of the Bruce Wood Dance Project. The late choreographer’s unrealized work, Touch, will see its debut at City Performance Hall tonight and the memorial event will also include encore performances of his past triumphs.

Next up, there will be a rare appearance by a 60s folk legend at Poor David’s Pub. The hugely successful folk-pop trio Peter, Paul & Mary brought their message of peace and activism to a much broader audience than many of their contemporaries, due to their exceedingly sweet sound. Noel “Paul” Stookey, (the “Paul” of the group) will host an event at Poor David’s Pub this evening, with a heavy emphasis on immigration reform and its many issues. It’s on behalf of the Music2Life organization, and will also feature such acts as the genre-splicing singer, Gina Chavez, as well as tejano act, the Texmaniacs. The event begins at 7 pm.

Finally, Ellen Soderquist will open her solo exhibition at the WAAS Gallery tonight. Soderquist has worked as an artist and educator in Dallas since the late 70s, and has even seen her nude figures banned in various Texas cities. A bout with breast cancer and other illnesses prevented her from working for over a decade, and the show will present her first new work in many years.

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