Things To Do In Dallas Today: June 2

Uh Huh Her is at House of Blues this evening; Sarah Jaffe is looking for extras for a video shoot.

Uh Huh Her.
Uh Huh Her.

Music is the only thing going on tonight, as so often is the case with Mondays. So a small announcement before we get started: Sarah Jaffe is shooting a music video today and tomorrow in a top-secret location. If you’re interested in being an extra tonight, send an email to the video director, Jason Reimer.

Los Angeles band Uh Huh Her is playing at House of Blues this evening, and you may recognize singer Leisha Hailey from The L Word. The LGBT-focused program is now considered a classic, and a pioneering show of the 21st century TV renaissance. As a personal aside, I consider the Organ to be the best band associated with that show, but that’s because I still haven’t recovered from the band’s 2006 breakup. Music-related heartbreak lingers longer than any other kind. Uh Huh Her plays a very slick and accessible form of synthesizer-led pop music, and they have drawn a strong following that transcends the novelty of their other entertainment industry associations. DJ and composer Kim Anh will be the supporting act, and she may be the dark horse in tonight’s bill. Her work on behalf of the LACMA and Yves Saint Laurent has been dotted with some interestingly repetitive “minimal wave” music, along with the expected house tracks.

The weekly DJ nights for those still clinging to the weekend will take place at the usual spots: “Cool Out” at the Crown and Harp, and “Vinyl Fantasy” at Double Wide. You can purchase records at both and the drinks are unbelievably cheap—2 dollar wells. So, Dallas drinking at Denton prices.

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