Things To Do In Dallas: June 17

Artist Michael Sieben returns to Dallas for a mural at Trinity Groves; A music festival announcement is given its own concert at Trees.

Michael Sieben's artwork from the Harper illustrated edition of the Wizard of Oz.
Michael Sieben’s artwork from the Harper illustrated edition of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

You may have noticed a new mural that’s going up in Trinity Groves, and considering the artist involved it will likely be impossible to miss. That would be the work of Michael Sieben, an Austin-based artist and writer who was a columnist for Vice but is now the managing editor of Thrasher, the most iconic of all skateboard magazines. Besides the decorated writing résumé, Sieben has enjoyed a prolific and successful career as an illustrator, and it’s one that has multiple ties to the area. He was a founding member of the Austin art collective, Okay Mountain, which also included Dallas artist Nathan Green, who is now the assistant curator of education at the Fort Worth Modern.

Sieben showed his work at The Public Trust in 2006 (back when it was still known as Art Prostitute), and even ended up on Think to discuss his work. He’ll be doing the same today, albeit off-air, at the site of his new mural, which is located at 354 Singleton. The talk begins at 7 pm.

Following the talk you can bounce between a couple of events in Deep Ellum. The Twilite Lounge will continue its summer movie series by with a screening of Raising Arizona at 9 pm. And there’s a free show down the street at Trees, featuring local hip hop acts, A.Dd+ and Booty Fade, along with Austin rock band, Ume. That’s to announce the first round of bands from Spune’s fall music festival, Index Fest, and this is quite a bash for such an announcement. Here’s hoping the lineup will live up to the ceremony.


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