There’s a Funeral This Weekend for the Trinity Toll Road

Put on your dancing shoes.


ICYMI, the ghost of the Trinity toll road brought us some more entertainment yesterday. It started with an op-ed by the architect Larry Good, who, after a decade, has withdrawn his support of the dead project. Rudy Bush was pretty impressed with Good’s piece and piled on: “A few days ago, Wick Allison and I traded some tweets. I warned against declaring the toll road dead. Powerful people want this road. He agreed and said we need to drive a stake through its heart. Okay, here’s the stake.” That drove Rodger Jones nuts, so he apologized for Bush’s blog post. Maybe Jones and Bush really like each other. Maybe they eat lunch together in the cafeteria at the Morning News. But I prefer to think their relationship is hostile, that when they happen to ride the elevator together, they do it in silence.

If the two guys are friend, though, here’s something they can do together this weekend. On Sunday, an old-school New Orleans jazz funeral procession will leave Oddfellows at 5 p.m. From the Facebook invite:

The Trinity River Tollroad put up a tough fight against a myriad of maladies, including severe budget shortages and warnings of negative environmental impact (and, you know, threats of spending $1.5 billion of taxpayer dollars for a road that could flood), but the odds were just too much to overcome.

She is survived by her father, Mayor Tom Leppert, some influential committee members, and certain Dallasites who like tollroads more than people.

Wear your dancing shoes, as a celebration of life is sure to commence.

In lieu of flowers, please send $1.5 billion to actual improvements for the City of Dallas.


  • DallasPolitics

    Open hostility. Occasional violence. He keeps a dagger on his desk with my name on it. Really.

  • Esteban

    But Vonciel wants the toll road.

    • Wylie H Dallas

      …and Jill Jordan… and Mike Rawlings.

  • Abby Nonymous

    Will D Mag’s legitimacy as a promoter of sound development concepts be buried with it?