SMU To Sell Beer At Football Games, Ctd.

IMG_1071 SMU vs TCUSince I mentioned this morning that SMU would start selling beer at football games this season, my phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to know my take on the sitch. Email and Twitter going crazy, too. Been a madhouse, really. ANYWAY, I guess my thing is, it’s pretty much a non-issue, as I’ve never really met any SMU students or alums that drink. So, you know, whatever.


  • LDR4

    They started selling beer at basketball games last year. Seems like a logical progression. (Insert comment about past issues with alcohol on campus here.)

  • J Jones

    SMU football games are already so intense, wild, and full of fans. I’m sure that this will put it over the edge. Shootings will start happening. The alcohol will only be a gateway drug. SMU fans will start doing cocaine in the stands instead of saving it for the fraternity houses. People will drive 35 instead of 30 on Mockingbird.

    Crazy times.

  • Cardinal Puff

    Have you seen the SMU football schedule for 2014? Surely you cannot expect Mustang fans to watch while sober.

  • sportzjunkman

    Worked out fine at Moody. I think more people will head inside earlier to enjoy the game. Revenue from the beer sales will help the athletic department (which needs help)… the only question is with tailgating before you may see more intoxicated people, especially with a June Jones 4 hour game. Can’t wait for the typical snarky SMU comments as usual. People love to hate SMU.

  • sportzjunkman

    so true, A&M will be a crusher.