Rudy Bush Is the Best Morning News Columnist, And It’s Not Close

The Dallas Morning News made Rudy Bush a columnist a few months back, and while I always enjoyed his work as the paper’s city hall reporter, I wasn’t sure how he would do when freed from the “gotta see both sides” nature of his previous gig. I was dead wrong.

Whether or not you agree with his column about the NRA and Open Carry Texas, I think you’d agree he does exactly what (I think, anyway) a great columnist should do: demonstrate a clear-eyed grasp on the issue at hand, pick a side, and argue that side eloquently. Plus — and this is especially helpful, given the continued presence of Steve Blow — he consistently writes about actual issues, and not just quota-killing give-up topics. GOOD JOB, RUDY.


  • Fritzie

    Zac, Rudy was promoted to editorial writer, not columnist.

    • zaccrain


      Yeah, you’re correct, but I sort of group the metro columnists and the editorial writers together, at least the ones that put their names to their work.

  • Eric Celeste


  • Tim Rogers

    Plus, he’s driving Rodger Jones insane.

  • Fritzie

    Question…. what is the criteria for delaying readers’ posts? I notice this often happens when the editors want to publish an immediate response to reader. True?

  • zaccrain

    Nope. I can’t pretend to understand why some comments go straight through and others don’t. Maybe there is an actual reason. But as far as I know, it just happens sometimes.

  • jasonheid

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  • Wylie H Dallas

    Yup… Rudy is the boss.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Yup…. Rudy is wielding his pen like a boss.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    one of the nice things about Rudy is that he does engage with commenters on the ed blog. some others do that occasionally but Rudy consistently engages