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Roll Call

Roll Call: Education Stories of Note 6.11.14

A landmark decision against teacher tenure in California

1. A judge struck down teacher seniority in California, in a landmark case where students argued the tenure rules kept bad teachers in jobs and therefore violated their rights to a quality education. I’ll have much more to say about this in a post later today.

2. In news that I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE is not related, the NEA teacher’s union is trying to figure out what to do about declining membership.

3. Another day, another coach fired. The DMN found that, since 2005, at least 13 Madison players listed the same address as their residence — the same residence as a school’s assistant coach. Which is just one more example of people not caring about kids! Now, the MANY white parents I know of who lied about which school district their kid was in to get them into Stonewall Jackson Elementary? That’s just doing what’s best for your kids.