Rangers Nation, Turn Your Lonely Eyes To Joey Gallo

Thanks to to a hypercane of injuries — enough to fill out the patient roster of every season of Scrubs, including the last one that no one watched — your Texas Rangers are just about cooked. But there is hope (for next year, at least) in the form of fast-rising prospect Joey Gallo. Grantland takes a look at who they call “The Most Interesting Man in the Minors” today. A taste:

“He has the frame to be everything you want in a player,” says a talent evaluator from another organization. “Good actions, strength in his forearms, and potential for lots of upper-body strength.”

Gallo always had that hardware. All he needed was an upgrade to his operating system, and he got that over the winter.

“I think Joey Gallo’s ceiling is unlimited,” Jason Giambi says. “I think [he] can be whoever he wants to be. He has the potential to be a .300 hitter, he has the potential to hit 50 homers, he has the potential to drive in 140. He runs really well for a big guy. He can play defense at third base. He’s a pretty special player; you don’t see players like this come along very often. And he has the right makeup and the right attitude … I think that’s the greatest thing about Joey, is that he’s really receptive to learning.”


  • SkyMasterson

    Joey Gallo? I thought this post was going to be about Joey Callo!

    • zaccrain

      That is just fantastic. Well done.