Leading Off (6/6/14)

Fracking, a synthetic marijuana bust, and guns.

Tests Prove Fracking Contaminated Parker County Water. The Texas Railroad Commission’s findings earlier this year concluded that the amount of methane in one man’s well was under the federally allowed limit, but a UT-Arlington scientist ran his own test and found the methane levels dangerously high. Not only that, but his evidence indicates the methane almost certainly came from the Barnett Shale. The Railroad Commission stands by its report.

Synthetic Marijuana Bust Involves Ridglea Theater. The feds have busted the owners of the Gas Pipe chain of head shops for the manufacture and distribution of K2, or “spice.” DEA agents seized cars, a house, businesses, and nearly $3 million in the operation. Caught up in the mess is the historic Fort Worth theater, which documents claim was purchased with money from the sale of the illegal substance.

County Vows to Take Guns From Domestic Abusers. On Sunday the Morning News reported officials haven’t been enforcing state and federal laws that should keep guns out of the hands of those convicted of domestic abuse or subjects of protective orders. On Thursday, officials vowed to institute ways to impose the law as they should. Score one for the fourth estate.