Leading Off (6/5/14)

Fifteen-Month-Old Boy Dies After Reportedly Being Punched By His Mother’s 325-Pound Boyfriend. Marquis Johnson died from blunt force trauma injuries, after witnesses saw Clezel Mughni punch him in the stomach. Authorities are investigating allegations that Marquis’ 2-year-old sister may have also been beaten by Mughni. Editorial comment: if this is true, hell is not hot enough.

Open Carry Supporters Continue Working Against Themselves. Latest dust-up comes over photos taken at a Mansfield Target. You want open carry laws for handguns? There are better ways to go about it. At some point — and now it feels like a “when” not an “if” — a couple of these guys are going to walk into the wrong place, looking the wrong way, and an off-duty cop is going to get the wrong idea, and someone is going to be dead.

Former Rangers Manager Don Zimmer Dies At 83. He had a 66-year career in baseball. That’s pretty good.

City Council To Vote Next Week To Repeal Bike Helmet Law. So, at least I can write about one thing that’s remotely positive. You should probably still wear a helmet when you’re on a bike, but this law is dumb, it’s never done what it was supposed to, it has been enforced selectively and poorly. Other than that, great success.